5 Ways To Get Over A Break Up:




After breaking up with someone you’re either relieved, disappointed, mad or all of the above. It’s so many ways to get over your ex,but I’m going to tell you ways I get over mine.

1.Stop ALL Contact.

You cannot continue to see or talk to this person if you’re trying to get over them. You have to cut all ties. Keeping communication going between you and you ex while trying to get over them is like saying you’re going on a diet while sitting in your favorite burger joint all day. The familiar smell of those burgers will have you forgetting your diet in no time. The familiar feeling of communicating with no strings attached will remind of the good ole days of when you two first started dating. Now, you’re nostalgia made you forget why you broke up in the first place…until he reminds you.

 2. Think NEGATIVE.

Think of all the negativity in that toxic relationship to remind yourself why you left. Lonely nights and a dry phone will have you missing the fairytale that never was. You’ll be tempted to reach back ou to him. Remind yourself of every negative trait he has and thing your ex has done to you. IT WORKS. When I do, I tell myself “he got me f*cked up” and that I better not EVER get back with a man who has mistreated me.

  1. Be Around Some Love.

When I get sad or upset about anything, including a breakup, I reach out to my friends and sisters. Your girlfriends, sisters, mom, aunts, and play-brothers are all people who have unconditional love and unfiltered advice for you. They’ll remind to adjust your crown and why you need to move the hell on.

  1. Get Another Man

I promote getting another man, by the name of Franklin. Benjamin Franklin. Get your money, honey. You’ll be so focused on those commas in your bank account, your ex will become a distant memory. When you were in a relationship, you spent every free moment you had with your ex. Now, there’s nothing or no one standing in your way of stacking and grinding.

  1. Glo Up

You know that hair color you saw on Instagram that your ex said was ugly? Get it. That dress you wanted, but your ex said it was too short? Buy it. That matte lipgloss your man said made you look like a clown? Wear it. Now that you no longer need his approval, do all the things you wanted to do that he clowned you for. Glo up, baby! Get back in the gym, back into church, in school, anything you want to do to better yourself. Getting yourself back on the right track will have you looking good and feeling even better. Your newfound confidence will act as a repellant for your peasant ex, while attracting the King you’ve been looking for. Awaken the Queen within and don’t for do those kegels and those squats.

Breaking up is hard to do, but it’s not the end of the world. You’ll get over him just like you got over the rest. Know that everything happens for a reason, so take the lessons you learned from that relationship and move on.

Be happy and love yourself – Icis Mims.

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